Fixture Installations

Fixture Installations

Fixture Installations | Tyburski's Electrical Services - Greenville, NC

You want new fixtures in your home, but you aren’t comfortable performing the electrical work yourself. Let our team at Tyburski’s Electrical Services in Greenville, NC perform all of your fixture installations for you.

Our expert installers know how to install your fixtures so that they are safe. We have the experience that it takes to hang your fixtures correctly, rewiring your room as necessary.

Just imagine how these rooms could be made better through fixture installations:

Bathroom—Do you need more light in your bathroom? It’s not unusual for bathrooms to have a single light source above the mirror. We can install new fixtures to brighten up your bath today!
Kitchen—Do you need more light to work by? Perhaps you are looking for a way to highlight your favorite kitchenware collection. No matter your needs, fixture installations performed by our company will make your kitchen shine.
Living Room—The best lighting comes from multiple sources. To properly light your living room, you need floor lighting, wall lighting and ceiling lighting. Let us install new fixtures in your living space.
Bedroom—You love to read and your partner loves to sleep. We can install fixtures that will provide the light you need to read by without disturbing your partner. Tell us how we can turn your bedroom into your own private getaway with new lighting details.
Garage—Do you have more than a single light bulb in your garage? If you don’t, you aren’t alone. Builders rarely pay attention to the garage when it comes to lighting. We can add fixtures that will give you enough light to perform a variety of tasks in your garage.
Office—If you own a business, there are regulations to follow when it comes to lighting. We know what these regulations are, and we can make sure your office is up to code.

Fixture installations can literally shed new light on a room. If your rooms are too dim to be useful, it’s time to hire our expert team to install new lighting in your home or business. Give us a call today!